refund terms

Unless there are special circumstances, all goods are not refundable or exchangeable after payment. If you have any enquiries, please contact us via phone 2338 2628 or WhatsApp . We will reply as soon as possible.

Special return/exchange conditions

If the customer finds that the goods received have any existing defects or damage, they can contact the customer service department within 7 days from the delivery date to arrange for a replacement of the same goods. They must have the goods to be returned and exchanged, complete packaging, and a valid invoice before proceeding. Return or exchange.

Situations that cannot be returned/exchanged


1) The mattresses and bed frames sold by our company are measured manually. There is an error of about ±2cm, which is within a reasonable range and is not considered an error within this range. In addition, the thickness indicated is calculated from the bottom to the highest point of the fabric layer, not from the bottom to Sideband calculation, no replacement size error caused by the above situation

2) Mattress, pillows and other sponge products may have some special smell after they are newly made and unpacked. The smell will naturally dissipate after a period of time. Please feel free to use it. The merchant will not make replacements or returns due to this.

3) Change of size: If there are any changes after placing the order, the merchant will reserve the right to make the final decision.

4) If the customer fails to pick up or receive the relevant goods within 120 days after receiving the pickup notification or 240 days from the invoice date (whichever is earlier), the merchant has the right to confiscate the payment. and dispose of the goods themselves

5) Compressed mattress: The recovery time will be affected by storage time. It will return to normal size in up to one week.

6) Deformation and damage caused by improper use

7) Personal soft and hard preferences and size errors caused by customer negligence

8) Failure to provide the original valid sales and purchase invoice issued by the company or its authorized dealer

9) Off-size specials/display items/custom-made mattresses

10) Once used mattress/bedding



1) Damage caused by improper use

2) Solid wood furniture is made of natural logs, and problems such as wood grain, pitting, and color difference are not included in the conditions.

3) Our solid wood furniture is an export style and uses a two-hole socket (some models with live functions). It is not recommended to use it directly: if you need to use the live function, please prepare your own converter and refer to the safety guidelines. Our company will not be responsible for this. , please forgive me