The biggest misunderstanding in history: Hard = good support? The secret that merchants won’t tell you!

Before I introduce it, let me correct one concept: "A hard mattress does not mean a good supportive mattress."

Many people were indoctrinated with the misconception that soft mattresses will hurt their waists and harm their spinal health when they were young. This may be because they slept on poor-quality sofas in the past, or because the technology of old springs was not mature enough.

The so-called "testers" of many organizations don't understand this truth. They only rely on their feelings to write about their feelings after sleeping, or they are afraid that the report will be dismissed as misleading consumers, so they all rely on "hard" and "support". "Power" is equal to the sign.

Therefore, in the mattress market, many times when deciding whether a mattress is soft or hard, it is not based on scientific testing, but on market guidance and public opinion. Many businesses understand this truth, but they all choose to follow the trend. They are afraid of being said that their mattresses are too soft, so they choose hard materials and would like to weld an iron plate to it. Will such a mattress be comfortable? Is it comfortable? talk?

Next, let’s talk about the two main types of springs on the market.

1. Interlock spring

The most pure and oldest spring structure, it provides harder supporting coils that are tightly connected. When a single point is stressed, the surrounding springs will be pulled, giving a "real feeling", but the disadvantage is the supporting capacity and quietness. They are much worse than independent pocket springs.

2. Independent pocket spring

Just put each spring independently in a small bag.
Through different thickness, diameter, number of turns, and finally different softness and hardness, each spring can independently provide support for the body, which is more close-fitting and can support evenly. Another advantage is that it is quiet and anti-interference. , it is not easy to affect the partner sleeping next to you, and there will be no "empty position" like a chain spring when sleeping on the side.

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In summary, mattresses using independent pocket springs have many advantages. In addition to being able to fit the natural curves of the human body and provide more comfortable support,
In addition to providing a comfortable sleeping experience, its quietness and durability are superior to interlocking spring mattresses.
Adding a simple cotton layer to the structure can bring high-quality support and a comfortable sleeping experience

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It should be noted that the structural characteristics of independent pocket springs make their single-point supporting force weak.
It is not suitable for sitting for long periods of time. It is recommended to add a seat cushion to increase the support capacity to meet the needs.

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