Spinal care mattress tips

We can choose the mattress recommended by Hong Kong Chiropractor Association

To meet the needs of Hong Kong people for spinal protection

( Chiropractor Association Certified Mattress Classification LINK)


We can also start by choosing the type of spring


Independent Pocket Spring

It is to put each spring independently in a small cloth bag

Through different thicknesses , diameters , and number of turns ,

Finally, different softness and hardness are formed

Each spring can independently provide support for the body

More fit and even support

Sleeping on your side won¡¦t cause a ¡§ bug ¡¨ like a chain spring

Interlocking Springs vs Independent Springs


Zoned Independent Pocket Springs

Common and Most Effective Zoned Independent Pocket Springs

Independent Pocket Springs for Three Zones

Each part of the body requires different support

The middle part of the three-zone independent pocket spring is relatively thick ,

can be spinal cord

provide better support

The head and tail are not too hard

Sleeping on your side won't put too much pressure on your shoulders

Spine protection and comfort at the same time

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Spinal care mattress tips

Which mattress to choose ?

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