Good mattress for Spinal Care! 2 types of mattresses are recommended for children and the elderly to meet different spine needs

Picking the wrong mattress, afraid that the children will lose their posture? Are you afraid that the old man will hurt his waist when he gets off the bed? Before the age of 12 , children's bones are still in the development stage. Choosing the right mattress is very important for the growth of children's spine. Elderly people will face osteoporosis, aging and other spine problems, and their bones are relatively fragile, so the requirements for mattresses will also be different. The following two mattresses are recommended for children and the elderly to meet the needs of different spines:

Suitable for spine protection for the elderly - "chain spring mattress"

"Interlocking Spring Mattress" can effectively support the bones of the elderly, and also conforms to the long-term sleeping habits of the elderly, so it is very suitable for recommendation to the elderly.

Support skeleton elders to get on and off safely


Most elderly people need to rely on their hands when getting on and off the bed. They usually use the mattress to borrow strength. They just need the "chain spring mattress" which is a relatively hard mattress to help them get on and off. The interlocking spring coils are tightly interlocked, and even if a single point of force is applied, it can effectively support the body of the elderly, protect the fragile bones, and reduce the risk of sprains when borrowing force.

Habits are hard to change, agreeableness is also important


The elderly are accustomed to hard beds from small to large, and it is difficult to change their long-term habits in a short time. The "chain spring mattress" is the most traditional and oldest spring structure; from another perspective, the new generation may not be accustomed to using hard mattresses. So instead of arguing, it's better to follow their wishes, don't forcefully change their habits, and choose the most suitable mattress for the elderly!

Suitable for children's spine protection - 1. "Interlock spring mattress"

When children switch from BB beds to children's single beds, not only does it take time to transition and adapt, but also pay special attention to the safety of children! The surface layer of the "chain spring mattress" is relatively soft and not too thick, which reduces the risk of suffocation caused by prone sleeping, and even fatal risks; and the supporting force of the bottom layer is moderate to hard, so children are also more comfortable Easy to turn around on its own.

Suitable for children's spine protection - 2. "Pure sponge mattress"

Before the age of 12 is the golden period of children's development, choosing a suitable mattress is especially important for children's growth! The "Pure Sponge Mattress" can flexibly adjust the hardness at any time - parents can put the harder support foam on the top, which is convenient for children to turn around easily; when they gradually grow, they can adjust the softer cotton layer on the top, so that In addition to making children sleep more comfortably, it can also reduce stress. Only relying on a mattress, it can flexibly meet the different needs of different ages and support the healthy growth of children.

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