When the following situations occur, it is time to change the mattress!

Mattress is a consumable item and needs to be replaced regularly. So how long can you sleep on a mattress, and when should you replace it? It is usually recommended that a mattress be used for about 8-10 years, but it still depends on personal conditions. When you find the following six situations, don’t force it and change the mattress quickly.

It’s time to replace the mattress Situation 1: The mattress is damaged

If our mobile phone is broken, we all want to replace it with a new one, and the same goes for the mattress. If the appearance of the mattress is damaged, you can't just cover it with a sheet. Sleeping on a damaged mattress may be harmful to your health, so it should be replaced promptly. If you hear strange noises when you lie down, you can move the mattress to the floor and check to determine whether the noise is from the bottom of the bed or from the mattress. If the mattress is making strange noises, it may be damaged internally and it is recommended that you replace the mattress.

It’s time to replace the mattress Situation 2 : The appearance is dirty

When you find that the mattress is dirty and cannot be cleaned, or the mattress is moldy, you need to replace the mattress. In fact, mattresses are very easy to get stained. Whether it is stained by eating on the bed, smoking, or children and pets who wet the bed, menstrual blood leakage, etc., the mattress may be stained. It is recommended to use a waterproof and anti-mite protective cover to prevent stains from penetrating, prevent dust mites from entering, and extend the service life of the mattress. In addition, changing sheets regularly, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress , turning on a dehumidifier, etc. can prevent invisible dust mites from breeding and preventing the dust mite army from taking over your bed.

It’s time to change the mattress Situation 3: You’ve had enough sleep but you’re tired, or you have back pain during sleep

The first and second situations are easy to detect, but this situation may not be easy to detect. You may ask, do you need to change the mattress? I was still very tired after sleeping for 7-8 hours, and I kept yawning during the day. If you have backache or backache while sleeping, it may be because the mattress does not support your body well and prevents your body from relaxing during sleep. It is recommended to change the mattress.

Situation 4 when it’s time to change the mattress: The mattress is not elastic enough

Insufficient mattress elasticity will lead to poor sleep, and will also have adverse effects on the body in the long run, such as low back pain, back pain, etc. When the mattress cannot return to its original shape, or the elasticity of the mattress gradually decreases, it is time to consider replacing the mattress.

The mattress change scenario 5 : Increased allergic reactions

Mattress is a breeding ground for dust mites. If you notice an increase in allergic reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, etc., you should consider whether you need to change your mattress. It is recommended to purchase dust mite-proof mattresses, or use anti-mite mattress covers, sheets, etc., to reduce the breeding of dust mites and reduce allergic reactions.

It’s time to change the mattress. Situation 6 : Sleeping together is not comfortable.

If you sleep with your partner and you find that sleeping together is uncomfortable, such as insufficient elasticity of the mattress, sagging of the mattress, etc., you should consider whether you need to change the mattress. Choosing the right mattress can improve the comfort of sleeping together. For example, choosing a mattress that suits the body shapes of you and your partner can improve the quality of your sleep and allow you and your partner to have a good rest.

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