Emmas Mattress - Purnulu

Emmas Mattress - Purnulu
Emmas Mattress - Purnulu

Emmas Mattress - Purnulu


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Knit top layer
. Natural organic face fabric
Comfort cover
. High Performance Upholstery
. Natural latex
. High carbon steel spine protection chain spring
technology and technology
. High Resilience Vent Technology
. Certified by the Hong Kong Chiropractor Association
. International Textile Safety Certification
. BS 7177 flame retardant certification


EMMAS has a century of mattress manufacturing experience,

The specifications of the mattresses were adjusted to match the body shape and needs of Asians.

Australia has world-renowned natural landscapes and natural resources,

EMMAS, which originated in Australia, has been injected with the unique local culture,

We are committed to providing high-quality and natural bedding products to people who pursue quality of life.

Omax has opened stores in many regions,

Provide customers with the most considerate and professional service,

We will also actively expand the sales network in the future,

Introducing more quality brands from around the world,

Let guests enjoy the ultimate comfortable sleep experience.

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July Luk (via WhatsApp - verified by Zoko.io)
5 Stars - Very Good

5 Stars - Very Good

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